Purpose and History

Purpose and History


Just and equitable access to quality legal advice and representation for all members of the community


Providing access to justice for members of the community who cannot afford to pay a private lawyer, and who would otherwise suffer an injustice


Responsive: We listen to the needs of our diverse communities, and adapt our service accordingly

Empowering: We provide support and legal education to empower people to take control and help prevent legal issues occurring in the future

Accountable: We regularly review our services to ensure services are appropriately directed to the needs of our priority clients, who are those that are vulnerable or disadvantaged

Collaborative: We have a strong, cohesive team who work tirelessly to meet the needs of clients. We also partner with a large number of private, community and government agencies to enhance our service delivery and increase access for our communities.


For 50+ years, Community Legal Centres have been at the heart of a powerful movement for social change, reshaping how people access justice, creating stronger more equitable laws, and more accountable government and democracy.

Westside Community Lawyers Incorporated (ABN 58 010 430 612) was established in 1979 with funding from the Legal Services Commission of South Australia and incorporated in 1980. We continue our work thanks to funding received from the South Australian and Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Departments.

Privacy Policy

WestSide Community Lawyers recognises the importance of, and is committed to protecting and upholding, the privacy and rights of the individuals we deal with in relation to their personal information.

WestSide Lawyers Privacy Policy



WestSide Community Lawyers is committed to providing an exceptional level of service to our clients. We welcome your concerns and feedback, and would love to hear from you with any suggestions to enhance our service. Please direct all communications to our CEO & Managing Lawyer through reception@westsidelawyers.com.au